Mourlot, Paris 1852


Mourlot Press
Founded in 1852, the Atelier Mourlot, was a lithographic printing studio located in Paris, France.

“The walls have ears.. they even have  mouths: Mourlot posters presents some of their songs, some of their screams.” –Jean CocteauDuring the 20th century, a group of celebrated artists, including Calder, Chagall, Dufy, Léger, Matisse, Miró, and Picasso, rediscovered the largely undeveloped art form of lithography thanks to the Atelier Mourlot.

The studio originally specialized in the printing of wallpaper, but was transformed when the founder’s grandson, Fernand Mourlot, invited a number of 20th-century artists to explore the complexities of fine art printing. Fernand encouraged the painters to work directly on lithographic stones in order to create original artworks that could then be executed under the direction of master printers in small editions.

The combination of modern artist and master printer resulted in unique and visually striking lithographs, which were used as posters to promote the artists’ work.



Some of the most iconic images printed by Mourlot.



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